Mr. Bennett is committed to zealously and successfully defending individuals and businesses facing all levels of state and federal investigations and prosecutions. He believes defending the accused is one of his God-given purposes. He exclusively practices criminal defense because it is his interest and passion. He believes it is a privilege to protect, defend and prevail on behalf of the accused. His mission is to provide his client with representation to the fullest extent of the law - and to win. Accordingly, he brings dedication, commitment and passion to his cases along with experience, skill and aggressiveness.

With respect to practicing criminal defense, Mr. Bennett provides the following:

"I didn't go into the practice of criminal defense out of necessity or by accident. Defending people comes natural to me. Unlike some criminal defense attorneys, I have never prosecuted anyone. Prosecuting an individual or organization is unnatural to me. I have been exclusively devoted to defending individuals and organizations accused of crimes and facing civil claims my entire legal career. It is my passion and purpose."

"I take it personally and I feel it personally when my client is investigated or charged with commiting a crime. The results I have obtained for my clients reflect this mentality and commitment. My goal for every case is to obtain a dismissal of the charge or investigation or to win the case at trial."

As a result of his mission, many individuals charged with the most serious cases (capital offense, murder, manslaughter, etc.) have been found not guilty. Click here to view why Mr. Bennett is regarded as one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys based on his results at trial in the most contested, difficult, high-profile cases. Mr. Bennett exhibits the same commitment and willingness to fight in less heralded and/or less serious cases. Click here to view the results he has achieved in some of those cases.