The prosecution of a juvenile has the same potential life changing consequences of an adult criminal case. The juvenile criminal justice system has the same crimes as the adult criminal justice system. The primary differences between the two is that in general a juvenile is not entitled to a jury trial and can only be incarcerated until the age of 21. A juvenile also is detained, incarcerated or imprisoned, when applicable, with other juveniles in juvenile facilities. Finally, the criminal record of a juvenile and the juvenile record of an adult is not available to the public (the record is always available to law enforcement and other governmental entities).

An adjudication as a juvenile delinquent can result in a criminal record, suspension or expulsion from school, payment of restitution, probation (monitored supervision) and/or incarceration in jail and/or prison. If a juvenile is tried as an adult, he or she faces the same harsh penalties an adult would face for the commission of a crime.

Mr. Bennett's primary goal with his juvenile client is to have the case diverted or dismissed so the juvenile does not have a record and does not have to proceed through the judicial system. If the case cannot be dismissed or diverted, Mr. Bennett will proceed to trial to attempt to successfully resolve the case.

For more serious cases where being tried as an adult is possible, his goal is to prevent your child from being "binded over" or tried as an adult. If your child's case is bound over, Mr. Bennett is devoted to protecting, defending and prevailing on behalf of your child with the same power, commitment and spirit he exhibits when representing his adult clients.

Mr. Bennett is an experienced and accomplished juvenile criminal defense lawyer. He has successfully resolved hundreds of juvenile cases throughout the region involving crimes ranging from petty theft to aggravated murder. Click here to view the results Mr. Bennett has obtained for his clients in some of the more serious, high profile juvenile cases.

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