White collar crimes are non-violent crimes committed by corporations or individuals in the course of their business activities. They are typically prosecuted on the federal level. White collar crimes include: bribery, unfair competition, tax evasion, embezzlement, fraud, corruption, organized crime, racketeering, theft, forgery, insider trading, identity theft, stock manipulation, etc. Traditionally those suspected of white collar crime were rarely investigated and/or prosecuted, if at all. Individuals convicted of white collar crime were also rarely subjected to jail or prison sentences or any meaningful sanctions. However, because of the public's awareness of the significant social and economic cost of corruption in business and government. State and federal law enforcement have made the prosecution of white collar crime a top priority.

Any person or organization investigated or charged with the commission of a white collar crime should have an attorney experienced in this area of law. The attorney should be contacted as soon as possible. The chances of successfully resolving an investigation or charge against you or your company is increased the earlier the attorney is involved in the process. Review the "Investigation/Pre-Indictment Defense" section of this site if you have not yet been charged with the commission of a white collar crime. If you have been charged or are being investigated for the commission of a federal white collar crime, review the "Federal Criminal Defense" section of the site.

Mr. Bennett has provided effective representation to companies and individuals investigated for and charged with white collar crime. He has successfully tried many white collar crimes to the jury. He has extensive experience in federal criminal law. Mr. Bennett also has significant experience resolving white collar crimes in the pre-indictment investigation stage in lieu of charges or arrest. Click here to view some of the results Mr. Bennett has achieved for his clients charged with the commission of white collar crime. The results do not include dismissals of criminal charges and claims in the early stages of a criminal case or investigation.

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