A conviction for taking another person's property without their consent can have devastating consequences on a person's life. Felony aggravated theft, felony theft, misdemeanor theft, shoplifting, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, forgery, theft of dangerous drugs, credit card fraud, embezzlement, theft of a motor vehicle and other theft related offenses can result in loss of current and future employment, social stigma, harm to reputation, payment of fines and/or restitution, probation and/or jail or prison time. Accordingly, a person charged with a theft related offense should hire a criminal defense attorney with experience successfully resolving theft related cases.

Click here to view some of the results Mr. Bennett has achieved for his clients charged with a theft-related offense including, but not limited to, his successful resolution of one of Cincinnati's largest most complicated theft cases. As with other cases throughout this site denoted to have been dismissed, the dismissals of cases in this section are not the result of an exchange for a plea to another charge. They are outright dismissals (Mr. Bennett's client was not found guilty of any crime.)

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