State v. Suggs

CHARGE(S): 2 counts of complicity to felonious assault with gun specifications, tampering with evidence, carrying a concealed weapon, misdemeanor transportation of a firearm

POTENTIAL PUNISHMENT: 28 years in prison

VENUE: Butler County, Hamilton, Ohio

ALLEGATION: Heavily armed recent suburban high school graduate and heavily armed friends confronted police after traffic stop. The officer smelled marijuana and began to conduct a search of the vehicle. Defendant's friend fired several shots seriously injuring the officer. At the urging of the defendant, the driver of the vehicle sped off and a high speed chase ensued. The car crashed. The defendant exited the car and in attempt to hide his gun threw his gun near a tree line. The gunman also exited the car and fled, returned to the scene and opened fire seriously injuring another officer before killing himself. Defendant aided and abetted the gunman.

DISPOSITION: Trial by jury

RESULT: Mistrial/hung jury. The jury voted 10 to 2 to acquit Mr. Suggs on the more serious charges of complicity to felonious assault and tampering with evidence (charges carrying a penalty of 26 years in prison). The jury convicted Mr. Suggs on the less serious charges of carrying a concealed weapon and misdemeanor transportation of a firearm (at trial Mr. Suggs admitted to transporting and concealing his gun). Mr. Suggs was represented by other counsel during his re-trial. He was found guilty of all charges. (The result of Mr. Suggs' trial when represented by other counsel is included to demonstrate that the talent, skill and commitment of the attorney often determines the outcome of the case.)

Trial in shooting ends in hung jury (Cincinnati Enquirer)

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