State of Texas V Wiliams

CASE NUMBER: 2013-F-00411

CHARGE(S): Possession of Controlled Substances, More than 400 grams of cocaine

POTENTIAL PENALTY: Mandatory Minimum: Ten Years, Maximum: 99 years in prison

VENUE: Fifth Judicial District, Cass County, Texas

ALLEGATION: Nine kilograms of powder cocaine found in secret compartment of Defendant's motor vehicle which was stopped and searched on U.S. Highway 59 in Cass County, Texas by a Texas Patrol Trooper.

DISPOSITION: Motion to Suppress based on argument that the stop and search was unconstitutional used as leverage to obtain reduction and ultimate sentence of probation to original offense that carried mandatory minimum of ten years imprisonment.

RESULT: Plea to reduced charge. Defendant was sentenced to probation. The case was allowed to be expunged after successful completion of probation. Expunged after successful completion of probation.

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