State of Ohio V. Everson

CASE NUMBER: 2016CR03423

CHARGE(S): Felonious Assault with a deadly weapon, a secon degree felony, in violation of Ohio Revised Code 2903.11(A)(2), violation of a temporary protection order, a first degree misdemeanor, in violation of Ohio Revised Code 2919.26, and intimidation of a witness, in violation of Ohio Revised Code 2921.04(B)(1), a third degree felony.

POTENTIAL PUNISHMENT: 11 and 1/2 years in the Ohio Department of Corrections

VENUE: Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, Dayton, Ohio

DISPOSITION: Mr. Bennett sought dismissal of indictiment because victim was determined to be incredible by a Court of Common Pleas Judge in a different case in which victim testified. The Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office Dismissed the case.

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