State of Ohio V. Branner


CHARGE(S): Murder with Gun Specifications, felonious assault with gun specifications, weapons under disability.


VENUE: Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Cincinnati, Ohio

ALLEGATIONS: Cincinnati Police Officer attempted to stop car that Defendant was in after observing Defendant and others in a drug transaction with a confidential informant. The Defendant exited the car and fired a gun at police officers. At trial, police officers testified that the Defendant fired a weapon at the police. The police officer returned fire at the Defendant. Driver of the car attempted to escape and fired shots at the police officer. The police officer returned fire, killing the driver and seriously wounding another passenger. The State of Ohio claimed that the Defendant proximately caused the death of the driver by being involved in a drug transaction that resulted in the officer attempting to stop the car the Defendant was in and by Defendant attempting to kill the police officer by firing shots at him.

DISPOSITION: Trial by jury

RESULT: Not guilty all counts

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