State v. Burse

CHARGE(S): 3 counts of aggravated theft, 2 counts of forgery

POTENTIAL PUNISHMENT: 25 years in prison, loss of stockbroker's license

VENUE: Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio

ALLEGATION: Investment advisor in control of clients individual retirement account swindled a Procter and Gamble retiree out of almost $1 million. Defendant forged client's name on original client agreement form, checks and documents that allowed defendant to liquidate client's stock. Defendant made repeated and unnecessary sales in client's accounts, which generated fees and commissions for the defendant. Defendant used client's account to finance false investments. Defendant also transferred at least $150,000.00 of client's money directly to his personal account.

DISPOSITION: Trial by jury

RESULT: Not guilty of all counts

Advisor charged in theft of IRA (Cincinnati Post)
Financial Advisor acquitted (Cincinnati Enquirer)

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